Preptober & NaNoWriMo Fun

NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few short weeks, but before then we have Preptober to work through.

Over my absences, I’ve learned the stress relief that comes with preparing for a novel. I’ve been reading tips and tricks from Planners. I am currently working my way through Save The Cat! Writes A Novel by Jessica Broody.

I don’t think I will ever be a full Planner because I love the exploration and adaptation that Pantser gives you. I now find myself in the camp of the Plantsers. It’s nice here, they have cookies.

I don’t know one Pantser that completely goes into a project 100% blind, though I am sure someone has and will in the future. They know some basics about their characters, their world, their plot.

That plotting my friends. True it’s not a detailed google maps turn by turn layout but it is a map of your story.

For both Preptober and NaNoWriMo (and beyond), I have created some helpful tools to help you no matter how detailed of a road map you give yourself. I have below Word count trackers with fun that I have made for you to use if you want as well as Bingo cards for Preptober and NaNoWriMo.

I have provided my own filled out Bingo cards as a reference. Preptober and NaNoWriMo are a gamified version of a checklist, at least the way I’ve done them. If you’re like me you fond of checklist and seeing a completed one is satisfying but for some reason filling them out is kind of tedious, yeah figure that one out lol.

However, turning lists into a game seems to make things easier for me and I know I am not the only one so here we go.

Since I plan on actually doing something new for NaNoWriMo this year, which I will go into in a future post, I am taking part in Preptober this year.

Before we get into my cards and the ones you can download I wanted to talk about my designs real quick. I have made all these designs myself. The one I am personally using is inspired by the designs for this years NaNoWriMo merch, which I am in LOVE with.

I tried to design things that could appeal to many people and that could fit the genre you will be writing.

Preptober Bingo

My Preptober Bingo

  • Update NaNoWriMo Account
  • Outline/Map Act One
  • Outline/Map Act Two
  • Outline/Map Act Three
  • Plan Your Rewards
  • Find Location Inspiration
  • Find Character Inspiration
  • Create Inspiration Board
  • Brainstorm Your Plot
  • Brainstorm Your Subplot(s)
  • Get To Know Your Main Character(s)
  • Get To Know Your Supporting Character(s)
  • Get To Know Your Villain(s)
  • Get To Know Your Setting(s)
  • Get To Know Your Worlds Laws
  • Set Up Your Word Count Tracker
  • Set Up Your Writing Space
  • Write A Synopsis
  • Creating A Writing Playlist
  • Research Important Need To Know Facts
  • Find Write-In’s
  • Find Writing Groups
  • Set Up Your NaNoWriMo Bingo Board
  • Set Goals For The Month
  • Set Up Folders/Origination System



Now when it comes to my NaNoWriMo Bingo card I have a mix of writing prompts that apply to my story. Also, they are not traditional prompts most of them I left short because I don’t want to give away any of my twists. The other parts of my big card relate to my writing goals.

My Nano Bingo

  • Double Count Day 1
  • Double Count Day 2
  • Double Count Day 3
  • Double Count Day 4
  • Double Count Day 5
  • Write 1,667 Words by Hand
  • Write 25,000 Words in a Single Week
  • Read One Book
  • Write 50,000 Words
  • Write 40,000 Words
  • Write 30,000 Words
  • Write 20,000 Words
  • Write 10,000 Words
  • Attend A Write-in
  • Get Daily Words Before Noon
  • Get Daily Words After Midnight
  • WP: Forbidden Love
  • WP: Broken Rules
  • WP: Nightmares Come To Life
  • WP: Deadly Choice
  • WP: Broken Heart/Betrayal
  • WP: It’s All A Dream…or is it?
  • WP: Close Call’s
  • WP: The Twist
  • WP: Monster


Word Count Trackers

Here are some Word Count Trackers I have made some match the Bingo cards then there are two game boards, a simple spreadsheet tracker, a monthly calendar tracker, book stack tracker and two weekly trackers you can use for your planners/bullet journals. They are designed specificity for November and the 50,000-word goal for NaNoWriMo.

7 Day Simple WC Tracker 2 Example1



If like me you like monopoly try NaNopoly. For every word count goal met color in the “property”

Nano Monopoly

NaNoWriMo Game Board

For every word count goal met color in the square.


NaNoWriMo Calendar

NaNo Cal 2


Simple Monthly Tracker

Simple Spreadsheet

If you chose to participate in Pretober Bingo or NaNoWriMo Bingo then please share your progress on Twiter or Instagram with the hashtags #PreptoberBingo or #NaNoWriMoBingo because I would love to see them. Enjoy your Preptober and NaNoWriMo.


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She is an aspiring author working on her first novel. Through her journey of the writing and publishing process she wanted to share what she's learned with new and established writers and authors. She would also like to add that talking about herself in third person is not her favorite thing...

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